Let Love In album cover
Let Love In

Nick Cave


Past, present and future all collide on Let Love In – recorded by probably the classic Bad Seeds line-up, there are guest appearances here by Birthday Party guitarist Rowland S. Howard (on backing vocals only, but never mind), and Cave’s future right-hand man, Warren Ellis (of Dirty Three), makes his first appearances on a Bad Seeds album. It’s certainly a more explosive album than the early ‘90s Bad Seeds output – and it sounds better than the muddied Henry’s Dream. While the furies of “Loverman” and “Jangling Jack” have their charms (and Blixa Bargeld’s storms of guitar are, rightly and righteously, centre stage), the core of Let Love In, though, is Cave’s more reflective moments: the gorgeous sway of “Nobody’s Baby Now,” the keen kindness of “I Let Love In.” And with “Red Right Hand,” the Bad Seeds go wide-screen and cinematic as Cave essays one of his most iconic lyrics.

Jon Dale

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