Mutant City Acid album cover
Mutant City Acid


Balkan Vinyl

As Posthuman, cousins Richard Bevan and Joshu Doherty have a sprawling discography starting in 2000 and covering various flavours of IDM, electro and techno. But it’s their later — late 2010s and early 2020s — albums, with acid house as their core genre and a very deliberate science fiction sense of narrative, where they truly came into their own. Mutant City Acid in 2018 set the pace — you wouldn’t even need the artwork or title to get the sense of scene-setting in these tracks. Perfect for playing in the dark, they make the steady kicks and sliding riffs of the TB-303 feel like a monorail taking you for a ride through a cybernetic city, with one-off sounds, riffs, waves of synth chords or explosions of reverb passing by in the periphery.

Joe Muggs

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