Nine O’Clock Drop cover

Nine O’Clock Drop


Truly an era-defining compilation, this one. Nuphonic records was best known for a very British strain of deep house in the late 1990s, but this collection Weatherall made for them in 2000 looked back to the postpunk, industrial and proto-techno he and his friends listened to in the early-mid 1980s – named for the fact that they would all drop acid at 9pm on a Friday night regardless of whether they were together or not. Featuring the likes of 23 Skidoo, Chris & Cosey, ACR, William Orbit’s Torch Song, its punk-funk-electro-dub sound would become defining of the 2000s as the decade went on, especially via the likes of DFA / LCD Soundsystem, but at the time it felt like an immense breath of fresh air.

Joe Muggs