Purdie Good! album cover
Purdie Good!

Bernard Purdie


The second album from outstanding session drummer Bernard Purdie firmly embraces the funk idiom, kicking off with a blistering take on James Brown’s Cold Sweat with over a minute and a half dedicated to an extended percussion break featuring Norman Pride’s congas and Purdie’s clattering kit perfectly locked in together. It’s a drummer’s record with inexplicably few drum breaks, but Purdie’s kit is high up in the mix so his full-on, rolling style is always present. There are a couple of tunes that lean towards a more easy listening aesthetic but they’re rescued by Purdie’s uncompromising rhythms and even his cover of lightweight pop tune Everybody’s Talking has a gutbucket swagger to it. The extended guitar soloing on Wasteland places this in the hippie era and adds a hint of psychedelia to proceedings while the joyous album finisher You Turn Me On ends things on a light and optimistic tone. 

Harold Heath

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