Trailer Park cover

Trailer Park


Though it would become an over-used combination by the decade’s close, the bringing together of folk music with post-club electronica on Beth Orton’s 1996 debut album proper (William Orbit-produced Superpinkymandy only received a limited release in Japan) was a radical move at the time. Orbit, auxiliary Bad Seed Victor Van Vugt and Andrew Weatherall helped to create a hazy, trip hop-informed backdrop for Orton’s songs, illuminating tracks such as “She Cries Your Name” and “Someone’s Daughter” with a warm sunset glow. But the allure that still brings you back to revisit Trailer Park is those songs themselves and Orton’s wistful yet world-weary delivery.

Chris Catchpole

Protector cover


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Deep Is The Way

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I’ve Got Me

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One Year

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Farm to Table

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