Whale Rider cover

Whale Rider


Simultaneously a mesmerizing soundtrack to a striking movie and a striking solo album, the only work not done by her being a brief piano part and vocal samples from the film itself, Lisa Gerrard’s Whale Rider is one of her most elegant and powerful efforts, the more so because of its primarily instrumental nature. Given how signature Gerrard’s vocals had rapidly become in film work in previous years, this shone a clearer light on her musical abilities, creating rich sonic textures based on synths and keyboard, occasional percussion and other instrumentation.

Ned Raggett

Spiritchaser cover


Dead Can Dance
The Black Opal cover

The Black Opal

Lisa Gerrard
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Aidan Baker
Immortal Memory cover

Immortal Memory

Lisa Gerrard, Patrick Cassidy
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Five Dreams cover

Five Dreams

Chihei Hatakeyama
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The Temple of the 13th Tribe

The Royal Family and the Poor
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Dust To Dust

Roger King, Steve Roach
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