Acropolis Now


The fourth Mighty Caesars record wasn’t as glossy or musically ambitious as its predecessor, Thee Caesars Of Trash; it was bare-bones Sixties-style garage rock, with electric organ on a few tracks and the occasional female backing vocalist, but the focus was mostly on slashing guitars and clattering drums. Childish’s lyrics were particularly angry, with “(Miss America) Got To Get You Outside My Head” a standout, the song the Guess Who’s “American Woman” thought it was (“You think Jesus Christ was born in Hollywood”). There’s only one cover this time out, a version of Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs’ “Little Red Riding Hood” that’s honestly less lubricious than the original. The album’s highest peaks come at the end of each side; the 92-second “You Make Me Die” might be the one Billy Childish song everyone needs to hear, and the album closer, “I Was Led To Believe,” is pure garage-punk wrath.

Phil Freeman