Blackdance album cover

Klaus Schulze


Schulze’s third album features a few surprising elements: in addition to the shimmering, endless waves of cosmic synth radiation, he plays 12-string acoustic guitar and lays down speedy and complex bongo rhythms, and that’s all just on the first track, the 17-minute “Ways of Changes.” The short “Some Velvet Phasing” features what sound like Mellotron drones mimicking strings, and on the side-long “Voices of Syn,” he’s joined by operatic baritone Ernst Walter Siemon, whose dramatically intoned lyrics give the piece a dark atmosphere that the warped acoustic piano in its latter half only bolsters.

Phil Freeman

The late synth maestro of Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel stretches out for two long tracks and one shorter one, a chonk of synth bugout fed through a cop movie soundtrack and then back out into an industrial film about compost. “Voices of Syn” is actually a liturgical track that brings a male tenor and church organ into the matrix of analog synth processing. Completely scary!

Sasha Frere-Jones

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