Exaudía cover

Lisa Gerrard’s constant winning streak of emotionally intense and remarkably beautiful albums kept on continuing with one of her most dramatic – and, even though it wasn’t for a film, most cinematic-as-such – albums, 2022’s Exaudia. Another one of her collaborations, in this case with regular studio/soundtrack cohort Marcello de Francisi, Exaudia begins with the sublime swell of “When the Light of Morning Comes” and runs from there, her elegant vocals riding a range from stirring rhythms and arrangements on songs like “Fallen” and “Stay With Me.”

Ned Raggett

Burn cover


Lisa Gerrard, Jules Maxwell
The Pearl cover

The Pearl

Brian Eno, Harold Budd
It’ll End in Tears cover

It’ll End in Tears

This Mortal Coil
The Mirror Pool cover

The Mirror Pool

Lisa Gerrard
BooCheeMish cover


Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir, Lisa Gerrard
Dust To Dust cover

Dust To Dust

Roger King, Steve Roach
In Your Room cover

In Your Room

Depeche Mode
Hotel Neon cover

Hotel Neon

Hotel Neon