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It stands to reason there were entire universes of music bubbling under ‘first-tier’ Krautrock – confronted by music as inspiring as Can, NEU! and Faust, why wouldn’t you want to form your own band? It’s hard definitively to tell whether those groups were direct inspirations for outfits like Bodenwerder’s Sand, but they’re certainly carving up similar psychic space, the difference being the shut-in, hermetic nature of Sand’s debut, Golem. Hovering in drumless space, these five songs shiver with occult energy, their methodically plodding bass and spangled acoustic guitar the roots of the tree, singer Johannes Vester’s synths sending everything spinning through the heady haze of the studio. They almost write two pop songs – “May Rain” and the chugging “On The Corner” – but you can’t shake the sense that there’s something ghostly, uncanny, scribbling in the margins.

Jon Dale

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