Jug Fulla Sun album cover
Jug Fulla Sun

Spirit Caravan

Tolotta Records

At the end of the 1990s, Scott “Wino” Weinrich broke up his band the Obsessed and formed a new trio called Shine with bassist Dave Sherman and drummer Gary Isom, both of the Maryland-based doom band Wretched. After one 7”, they changed their name to Spirit Caravan and recorded their debut album for Tolotta, a label owned by Fugazi bassist Joe Lally. The songs are classic Seventies-style doom, with fuzzed-out guitar riffs that will remind you of Master Of Reality-era Black Sabbath, including some extended instrumental passages (like the intro to “Cosmic Artifact”) that will have you nodding your head in a trance of joy. Sherman and Weinrich are a perfect tag team, the bassist filling the room with thick, booming chords as the guitarist unleashes economical but fierce solos, as Isom keeps a heavy but supple backbeat.

Phil Freeman

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