Live at the Wild Western Room cover

Live at the Wild Western Room


This live disc, recorded who knows when but released in 1994, is something of a split LP. The first side offers seven tracks by Thee Headcoats at their most raucous and raw, sounding like the music is coming through a subway PA horn. On the second side, Childish surrenders the microphone to the female vocal group Thee Headcoatees (usually three members strong, but this time numbering four) for seven more songs. Their voices blend together in a loose, energetic collective wail, but exuberance triumphs over anger even on songs like “Don’t Try and Tell Me.” The band plays with less distortion and fervor when backing Thee Headcoatees; the music simmers instead of boiling over. It all climaxes with “M.E.L.V.I.N.,” a rewrite of Van Morrison’s “Gloria” from a female POV.

Phil Freeman

Wiseblood cover


Thee Mighty Caesars
Acropolis Now cover

Acropolis Now

Thee Mighty Caesars
The Chrome Cranks cover

The Chrome Cranks

The Chrome Cranks
Thee Caesars Of Trash cover

Thee Caesars Of Trash

Thee Mighty Caesars
Beware the Ides of March cover

Beware the Ides of March

Thee Mighty Caesars
Durophet cover


High Rise
At the Bridge cover

At the Bridge

Billy Childish, The Singing Loins
Heavens Journey cover

Heavens Journey

Billy Childish, The Chatham Singers
Devil in the Flesh cover

Devil in the Flesh

Billy Childish, Dan Melchior