Lost Souls


Emerging Phoenix-like from the (literal) flames of Manchester dance act Sub Sub after their studio burnt down, Jimi Goodwin plus twin brothers Andy and Jez Williams recalibrated as Doves, swapping samples and 808s for sweeping, atmospheric and emotionally powerful rock.

Understandably, a deep melancholy hangs over much of the trio’s 2000 debut (perhaps not coincidentally the trio had also all entered their 30s at the time), but while the rich swell and delicate intricacies of Lost Souls might at times bring to mind Radiohead’s The Bends or Jeff Buckley’s Grace, Doves tempered the sadness with a spirit-lifting euphoria, a trace memory almost of their hometown’s club scene, resulting in spine-tingling epics such as “The Cedar Room” and “The Man Who Sold Everything.” Elsewhere, bands like Elbow and Coldplay were taking note.

Chris Catchpole