NTS Sessions


Let’s get it out of the way up front: This is an 8CD box running roughly as many hours. It’s a lot. So maybe break it up into two-hour chunks, as it was originally broadcast live on the UK’s NTS radio in 2018. Each set has a flow, even a plot; the very first track, “t1a1,” comes drifting in slowly on waves of static, and the intensity builds gradually from the ominous vibes of “debris_funk” to the skittering, thumping “north spiral.” Many tracks are extraordinarily long; the second set ends with the 21:30 “turbile epic casual, stpl idle,” a cloud of shimmering tones that prefigures the last track (indeed, the last disc) in the box, the 58:22 “all end,” an extraordinarily beautiful piece that sounds like they’ve left you drifting at the bottom of the ocean, with a note saying they’ll be back later.

Phil Freeman

Madres cover


Sofia Kourtesis
Solar Motel cover

Solar Motel

Chris Forsyth
Protect Your Light cover

Protect Your Light

Irreversible Entanglements
Of Human Feelings cover

Of Human Feelings

Ornette Coleman
Live At Downtown Music Gallery cover

Live At Downtown Music Gallery

Keiji Haino, Loren Connors
Euclid cover


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Goodbye to Language cover

Goodbye to Language

Daniel Lanois, Rocco Deluca
Frances the Mute cover

Frances the Mute

The Mars Volta