O Som do Labirinto [Original Soundtrack] cover

O Som do Labirinto [Original Soundtrack]


Nyege Nyege and Hakuna Kulala obviously have a strong African identity, but from very early on founders Dilsizian and Debru made it clear that they wouldn’t be limited by genre or geography; as filmmakers they are both particularly interested in film scores, and one of their early releases was “a soundtrack to an imaginary film.” In 2022 they released a soundtrack to an actual film: O Som Do Labirinto OST by São Paulo’s experimental club collective TORMENTA was born out of a 2019 collaboration with Nyege Nyege, and with its ominous synths and ghostly ambience atmospheres soundtracks a short film, described as a “terrifying and psychedelic audiovisual experience that’s centered around the a journalist attempting to examine a series of mysterious gatherings.” A chilling listen.

Megan Iacobini de Fazio