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Taken From Vinyl


Compiling material from EPs and compilations released between 1996 and 2004, Taken From Vinyl serves as a neat precis of what To Rococo Rot were busying themselves soon after their formation, on into the new century. They’ve long been a group interested in variation, their material often feeling modular, snapped-together, pulled out of their kit across open-ended rehearsal and studio sessions. Here, the trio of Lippok, Lippok and Schneider try their hand at ambient abstraction (the whirring Chroma key drift of “Days Between Stations”, a collaboration with artist Natascha Sadr-Haghighian), mantric pop (the glorious “Telema”), muted Chain Reaction-esque thud (“Mit Dir In Der Gegend”) and plenty more. The consistency comes from the trio’s shared language, both musical and extra-musical, the way they move as one, and the continual sense of the music being about to stretch beyond its limits and reach for something entirely other.

Jon Dale

Last Glass cover

Last Glass

Kim Pieters, Peter Stapleton, Bruce Russell
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The Dead C

The Dead C
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Ricardo Dias Gomes
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Baba Yaga
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Bullshit 3 ¼

Danny Ben-Israel
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Homo Sacer

Makoto Kawashima
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a path with a name

Atte Elias Kantonen
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Takashi Masubuchi, Ayami Suzuki