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The Complete Recordings


While 28th Day is often solely seen as the start of Barbara Manning’s remarkable recording career, the band’s one release, a self-titled seven song EP from 1985 later expanded and rereleased as The Complete Recordings, is an energetic delight in its own right. Manning and Cole Marquis split most of the songwriting while keeping an overall sound going, at once an arguably familiar mid-80s American indie rock effort but with its own engaging polite chug and guitar twang, vocals sometimes mixing into harmonies, sometimes into intriguing contrasts.

Ned Raggett

Ocean Rain cover

Ocean Rain

Echo & the Bunnymen
In The Presence Of Greatness cover

In The Presence Of Greatness

Velvet Crush
Heyday cover


The Church
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Priest = Aura

The Church
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The Church
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Chicken Rhythms

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House Tornado

Throwing Muses
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The House of Love

The House of Love
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Colossal Youth

Young Marble Giants
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John Peel Sessions

The Chameleons
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Chasing Shadows

The Comsat Angels
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Asobi Seksu