Too Young to Die cover

Too Young to Die


By late 1995, what would eventually be a series of somewhat overlapping Saint Etienne compilations had already been well underway when Too Young To Die surfaced, but as a perfect summary of their earliest years via their singles, including a fair number of non-album tracks, it absolutely captures the group’s remarkable aesthetic fusions beautifully. Besides album standouts like “Nothing Can Stop Us,” “Hug My Soul” and “Avenue,” standalone highlights include “Join Our Club,” their hit cover of “Who Do You Think You Are?” and their smash Etienne Daho collaboration, “He’s On The Phone.”

Ned Raggett

Lazily Spun cover

Lazily Spun

The Lazily Spun
Blood Music cover

Blood Music

Rev cover


Ultra Vivid Scene
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Let’s Dance

David Bowie
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George Michael
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Treasure Box

Marc Almond