Apocalypse Dudes


Showmen in the grand tradition of Alice Cooper and the New York Dolls, Norwegian provocateurs Turbonegro like to push buttons (but explicitly profess anti-racist and anti-fascist philosophies). Their fourth album fuel-injects their punk rock racket with some serious arena rock bombast and takes their songs about rock ‘n’ roll and homosexual debauchery to the next level of ridiculous. “Age of Pamparius” boosts a song about hanging out in their keyboardist’s pizza parlor with Queen-like grandeur, “Rock Against Ass” goes places AC/DC only would if their name had an alternative meaning, and “Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)” ties up classic metal menace in whips and chains. Singer Hank von Hell would leave the band shortly after the making of this album to go to rehab, but when he got out the band discovered that their apocalypse had gone worldwide.

Jeff Treppel

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