The Sound Pool cover

The Sound Pool


The Sound Pool dates from the first, wildest manifestation of Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV), a multi-headed hydra that included composers Fredrick Rzewski and Alvin Curran, free jazz saxophonist Steve Lacy, and many others. Based in Rome, they were a more anarchic and unpredictable proposition than peers like AMM (with whom they shared a split LP, Live Electronic Music Improvised, in 1970), clearly informed by the countercultural ideas of the time: student protest, happenings, hippie-dom. The Sound Pool sits alongside works like “Spacecraft” as one of their wildest recordings, its incipient mayhem, all wild, declamatory voices and floods of clanking, tapping percussion, disrupted by brass and wind instruments that yowl like mating calls.

Jon Dale

Desperate Straights cover

Desperate Straights

Henry Cow, Slapp Happy
Alles In Allem cover

Alles In Allem

Einstürzende Neubauten
Rot cover


Conrad Schnitzler
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Limbus 4
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Phil Maguire
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Live 04

Mouse on Mars
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Siberian Earth Curve

Birchville Cat Motel
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Christophe Charles, Oval