The Good Son album cover
The Good Son

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


While its predecessor, Tender Prey, features some of Cave’s most iconic songs – “The Mercy Seat,” “Deanna” – it’s incoherent as an album. But things got back on track with The Good Son, a relatively disarmed collection of songs, gentle and steeped in longing. “The Weeping Song” is, perhaps, the album’s pinnacle, a devastating duet between Cave and guitarist Blixa Bargeld that’s still deeply affecting, decades later; Cave’s recent relocation to Brazil, to be with his then-partner, has not so much ‘lightened’ the mood of his songs, as given them greater emotional depth, and he’s now able to embrace a more understated, denuded melancholy – it’s the beginning of Cave’s long, complex process of whittling his song back to the bone, a process he’d complete with 1997’s The Boatman’s Call.  

Jon Dale

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